The word doula originates from Greece and means "female slave (or servant)".

doula services

A doula is a trained pregnancy and labor support person. My role is to provide you and your partner with education, emotional and physical support during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth. I am here as your advocate; I am here to provide you with comfort measures and pain management techniques to help you cope through labor. I am here to make you feel empowered in your journey to motherhood, whether this is your first baby, or fifth. 

What is a DoulA?

My approach also includes creating a safe space for the mother and her partner to labor together. There are many benefits to leaning on your partner during the labor process and it is a really beautiful thing to witness.

I have a laid-back approach during labor, meaning that I'm not 'in your face' or have my hands on you at all times. I sit back and observe how you cope with contractions, then base my techniques for caring for you on what I observe. Quite often that means giving you your personal space. Sometimes that means I'm on the bed with you giving you double hip squeezes. Every labor and mother is different so what I do for them varies.  

I believe the more preparation we can do during pregnancy can help prepare and ease the body into the labor and childbirth processes. This is why preparing physically and mentally for labor is critical. Breaking down the a blocks can help progress labor immensely. In my experience, mental blocks are the most common reason for a labor to not start or to stall once it does start. Pain control and labor progress is also vital during labor. Some techniques that I encourage include massage, acupressure, hydrotherapy, and position changes. 

My approach is to share research based tips and techniques for labor preparation. My approach includes reiterating to moms that they are loved, worthy, and capable to birth their baby.   

My approach to doula care

'I bring a non-judgmental attitude to every birth - it is not my place to judge your decisions, but rather support and encourage them.'

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I am happy to offer different services and packages. Please read on to see how I might serve you best.


This is the real deal package! This package is available for mamas in the Saskatoon area. It includes:
-1 birth preparation experience
-2 pre-natal appointments
-labor & birth support
-1 postpartum appointment
-continuous phone/ text
support throughout pregnancy

All clients receive FREE access to my resource library full of books, videos, and podcast recommendations!

Not local to the Saskatoon area? Or maybe you want a doula but just need some extra support throughout pregnancy. This package includes:
-1 birth preparation experience
-2 pre-natal appointments
-1 postpartum appointment
-continuous phone/ text
support throughout pregnancy

Distance Doula

Guess What?!

The Real Deal

book a birth preparation experience

Available either in person or via video call.

The birth preparation experience

The Birth Preparation Experience is a unique one hour appointment that will help you prepare for the birth you desire to have! You will receive:
-Assistance in creating your birth preferences (including the 'Birth Preferences Worksheet')
-Labor and birth education
-Handouts/ resources that include a hospital packing list, birth affirmations, preparing for postpartum checklist, and so much more
-Follow-up email to ensure you have all the resources you need

The Birth Preparation Experience

If we didn't have an opportunity to address all your questions or concerns in the initial Birth Preparation Experience or if new questions arise, a follow-up may be just what we need. Topics may include:
-We will go over any new questions or fears that arise
-Revisit your birth preferences
-Be sure you're feeling prepared for labor

Follow-up Appointment


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