Meet Baillie

my name is 
baillie Mcarthur.

hi there!

it's so nice to meet you!

1. My favourite taco topping is:
a. guacamole
b. coleslaw
c. cheese

2. My dream travel destination is:

3. My go-to outfit is:
a. Jeans & a tee
b. Dress & cardi
c. Leggings & sweater 

4. Most people would be surprised that:

5. You'll find me on a Saturday night:
a. Living it up on the town
b. Snuggled up on the couch
c. At the rink watching a game

want to know more?!

6. Night owl or early bird?

7. Most likely to binge-watch:
a. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
b. The Bachelor/ette
c. Property Brothers

8. My biggest fear is:

9. If I had could have a super power,
it would be:
a. Fly
b. Invisibility
c. Mind reading

10. My fave bible verse is:

London, England

I am funny (or at least I think I am!)

Night  Owl

Either being buried alive or elevators

Colossians 3:14

Here are some fun facts!

Why should you hire me to be your doula?

I am a certified labor doula and birth educator. I provide in-person doula services within the Saskatoon area but provide doula services, free resources, and education online so people far and wide can have the birth of their dreams!

As a doula, my goal for you is to have a satisfying birth experience. This includes working hard during pregnancy to help your body prepare for labor and childbirth. Some of the ways I do this is having an open communication policy with you, working with you so you go into labor feeling confident in your body's ability, and having additional resources available so you can feel prepared for labor. I have also created a referral network of medical professionals that can help you during pregnancy and beyond.

When it is time for labor, I am there to serve you and your partner in any way I can. I help create the sacred space that is needed in labor, I advocate for you, and I listen to you. Simply stated - I work for YOU!

'I do not take my role as a doula lightly - it is the greatest honour when I am invited to be a part of your journey into motherhood.'

hire me!

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