I want to ensure that all your anxieties are at ease and your comfort level is thriving throughout your pregnancy, labour, and postpartum journeys! These items available for rent will do just that.

Please see below for cost and rental procedures.

Experience reduced pain and increased comfort in labour with a TENS machine. This drug-free, natural pain relief option is easy to use, won't slow down your labour, or have a negative effect on your baby. It works by utilizing the gate control theory which states that our brain can only handle one pain stimuli. The TENS machine blocks the pain signal to the brain of your contraction and opts for it to focus on the pulsing sensation the TENS machine offers instead. 

The TENS machine rental includes: one Perfect Mama TENS unit with 60 steps of intensity, 4 large electrode pads, two batteries, one carrying case, and instructional video on how to use the unit.

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TENS Machine

$60/4 weeks

Saskatoon Tens machine rental

Enjoy the comfort of birthing at home in the water in a birth pool! As you immerse yourself in the warm water, you will feel relaxation and peace wash over you. Warm water is a powerful, natural analgesic and is a safe way to bring your baby into the world. In general, moms who have water birth experience less tearing, lower blood loss, have shorter labours, use less pain medication, and have a greater satisfaction with their birth experience.

The birth pool rental includes: one Birth Pool In a Box Eco Mini - Professional, one pool liner, one air pump, one water pump, one faucet hose adapter, one clean water hose, one grey water hose.

Setup of the birth pool is available for an additional fee. The client is responsible for the filling and emptying hose.

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Birth Pool

$250/4 weeks

Saskatoon birth pool rental

Saskatoon Fetal Doppler Rental

Feel the comfort of having a doppler to ease your anxieties by listening to your baby's heartbeat whenever you may need some added reassurance and peace of mind. The fetal doppler can pick up a heartbeat beginning at 12 weeks and has an output speaker so you can enjoy listening to the little flutters.

The doppler rental includes: one Sonoline B Fetal Doppler with 3mhz probe and doppler gel.

*This is not a medical device and is rented as a baby heart sound listening tool for novelty purposes. 

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Fetal Doppler

$50/4 weeks

saskatoon breast pump rental

If it's not an your heart to do the standard gestational diabetes test, monitoring your blood glucose levels may be a valid alternative and provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your blood sugar levels. This monitor is also a gift if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes and need to monitor your blood sugar until your little peanut arrives.

The blood glucose monitor rental includes: one Contour Next Gen Blood Glucose Monitoring System, 42 test strips, 42 lancets, lancing device, and needle disposal bin.

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$85/ 3 weeks

Breast Pump

$80/1 Month

saskatoon breast pump rental

Find comfort in having a breast pump at your disposal should you need one. This double pump breast pump is easy to use, high quality, has two phase collection, and comes in a cute backpack for discrete and easy transport. It includes everything you need in order to have a positive pumping experience!

The breast pump rental includes: one Medela Pump In Style Advanced breast pump motor, two breast shields, two connectors, two valves, two membranes, four bottles, four lids, two tubes, one battery pack, one power adaptor, one backpack, one instruction manual (via email).

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Frequently asked questions

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1. How do I go about renting an item?
If you are wanting to rent an item, please contact me using the form below. Please be sure to let me know which item(s) you are interested in renting and the timeframe in which you are needing the item for. I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours (if you haven't heard from me, please check your junk folder). Please note that I cannot guarantee that an item will be available for the rental period you desire - all items are first come, first served.

2. What is the rental fee?
Each item has its own fee. Please see above for what that is. Each item is subject to a refundable damage and loss deposit as well. This fee varies per item.

3. What is the rental procedure?
Once I let you know that the item will be available for you, I will collect the deposit for the item. When it's within the timeframe of your request, you are welcome to pick up the item free of charge or I would be happy to deliver for a fee. Once your rental period is complete please return the item to me in the condition that it was received in.

4. Are all the items clean?
Yes! After each rental period, I sanitize each item so it is safe and clean for the next family to use.

5. Is shipping available? 
Certainly! Rentals are available across Canada. The shipping fee is the responsibility of the renter. 

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