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We believe we are better together and can serve our families best when we work collaboratively as a team!

We like to enjoy the outdoors, do puzzles, and have some pretty crazy dance parties (Encanto is our favourite). We are working towards our dream of creating a self sustaining homestead out on our land near Wakaw.

Outside of my family life you can find me coaching or working out at CrossFit Ashlar, where I run the kids program.

I am a former elementary school teacher and have always felt a passion for caring for others.

Some other interests of mine include: respectful parenting, no-till gardening, nutrition, eco-friendly living, yoga and minimalism! 

When I'm not busy geeking out about birth.. I am hanging out with my husband Jory and three kids, Maisie, Robin and Kaiser

Kim Cooper

My first birth taught me A LOT. It taught me that "going with the flow" can lead to birth trauma. My carefree and flexible plan ended up leaving me feeling empty, violated and confused. With my second birth I decided to take action, I read books, did research, watched birth videos, I met with a birth doula and listened to other women's stories. Most importantly my partner took the time to prepare with me. This made a HUGE difference. I left my second birth feeling empowered and in control, but I was still puzzled. Why was it so difficult to have a positive birth experience? Why has birth become so complicated? Isn't it supposed to be a natural and physiological experience?

Since then, I decided to learn EVEN MORE about birth (I could read birth stories all day). I completed my Doula Certification through the Wise Woman Way of Birth Program in 2021 and began my journey to spread awareness, information and positivity about the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. 

When I entered my third pregnancy, I was ready to begin prepping for a home birth. 
Surrounded by my chosen team of a midwife, doula, husband, sister and my daughters, I welcomed my son Kaiser into this world. I finally lived out the birth of my dreams! A hands off, intervention free blissful and powerful home birth. 

Now, having experienced three very different births, my goal is to help women and their partners feel excited, confident, and prepared for their own birth experience!

How my birth work
journey began

I hope to provide my families with tools, support, and education so that they too can experience the birth of their dreams!

I was raised outside of Lloydminster AB. Growing up, I was a dancer, showed horses, played clarinet in my school and district bands, and participated in various other clubs and activities. 

In high-school I took my health care aide training and worked in health-care for 5 years before going back to school. I took my massage training through ACMT and finished it with Honours with Distinction. 

In my personal life, I am surrounded by tiny humans with plenty of whom I am so blessed to have call me auntie. Walking along side my sisters and friends during their journeys into motherhood has truly been a joy in my life! Hearing their stories, both the good and the bad, lit a fire inside of me when it comes to women's reproductive health and wellbeing. 

When I'm not geeking out about birth you can find me at home spending time with my fiancee and our dog Finn or trying out a new restaurant! 

Bri Allen

As an RMT one of my favorite treatments to do is pre/post natal massages! In the 5 years of my career as an RMT, I have loved getting to know and treat moms throughout all stages of their pregnancy as well as into their postpartum journey. Throughout getting to know my clients and hearing their stories my passion for learning more and more about pregnancy, birth and postpartum intensified! I found myself following lots of different birth workers on social media, reading more books and watching lots of videos. In doing so I came across Baillie and her page! I had been following and learning in silent from her until I saw her post looking for an apprentice. I instantly messaged her and from there the rest is almost history! We clicked instantly and share similar views on a lot of things. My previous experiece in heathcare as well as my career as an RMT has given me a good knowledge base surrounding pregnancy and birth, and Baillie is taking me to the next level! I have been apprenticing under and learning from Baillie since August of 2022! I have loved my journey with her and can't wait to see what we accomplish together in the future!

How my birth work
journey began

Walking along side my sisters and friends during their journeys into motherhood has truly been a joy in my life!

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