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I am an enthusiastic gal pursuing my passion to support, educate, and empower mamas all over the world to have the birth they desire to have.  

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Baillie's calm, reassuring voice throughout pregnancy & birth was so helpful! She was knowledgeable & educated us on what to expect so we weren't afraid going in. Throughout labor, she helped cope with the contractions & supported Mike in knowing what to do. She went above & beyond in providing support & education for us! - Jessica, 2020

calm, reassuring

Baillie helped me have my dream birth! When I first got pregnant I didn't think I could have an un medicated birth based off birthing horror stories of those I know. But all of Baillie's education and support really empowered me to trust my body and the natural birthing process. I ended up having a calm, peaceful and clear labour and delivery.
- Miranda, 2020

dream birth

I can't recommend Baillie enough. She was a wonderful support prior to and in labour & delivery. She encouraged me, and physically helped/supported me as much as she could during L&D. There aren't words to really say how much her support meant. I went on to have a natural delivery, which would not have been possible without hers and my husband's support & encouragement. - Melissa, 2019

encouraging, helpful, supportive

If you're looking for a supportive, professional and passionate doula you've stumbled upon a real gem with Baillie. She was a vital piece to my pregnancy and labor. I really couldn't have imagined any of it without her.   - Megan 2019

supportive, professional, & passionate

Very helpful. Explained the birth to our daughter, helped her understand and participate in the birth. - Patrick, 2018

helped her understand

Baillie is very respectful and asked about areas to assist in a helpful manner. - Midwife, 2018

respectful, helpful

Baillie was a great support, available for whatever and whenever we needed something. Baillie will be a great asset to the birthing team. - Heather, 2018

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