Maternity CONCIERGE services

maternity concierge services

Being an expectant mom can be overwhelming - there is so much to do, so much to plan for, and so much to purchase. Let me take the weight off your shoulders! I am in your corner and want to support you in any way that I can on this journey. 

Maternity concierge services are for the busy moms who may not have time to pick up baby items; it's for the moms who may be on bed rest that may need help prepping meals or a listening ear and comforting heart; its for the new moms and the seasoned moms and all the moms in between.

Maternity concierge services are here to offer you assistance when it comes to all things mom and baby!

Services are offered at $75 per hour.

Prenatal concierge services

Personal Shopping

Whatever you need when it comes to mom and baby, we will pick up or order any items you need. If something needs to be returned or exchanged, we will also handle that.

Baby Product

The options available to you for baby products is endless! We will assist you in selecting the right stroller, car seat, crib, swing, etc for your baby. We are happy to accompany you to stores to make your final selections if you wish.

Baby registry creation

Your friends and family want to spoil you and your baby! You let us know your needs, wants, and what your style is and we will create a customized registry that you can forward to your family and friends.

Getting The Nursery Ready

Imagine relaxing the last weeks of pregnancy instead of stressing about setting up the nursery. We will do it all for you! We will wash baby clothes/ blankets, put everything away ensuring the space has cohesion, and dispose of packaging. It’ll be move in ready for the baby!

Nursery Consulting

Are you wanting a functional design that creates peace and flow that meets the needs of you and your baby? Let us help you with optimizing your nursery layout. We will work with you to create the look you are after and ensure that it feels right for you. 

Packing the Hospital BaG

One common mistake we often see expectant parents make is overpacking for the hospital – you will be surprised at how little you actually need! We will go over our list of hospital bag essentials to ensure you are packed and ready to go when the big day arrives! You can also purchase a pre-packed hospital bag with everything you need.

Attend Doctor Appointments with you

If your partner is unable to attend appointments with you but you wish to have an additional set of ears and added support, we will attend your appointments with you.

Book Maternity & Newborn Photos Sessions

Photos are cherished memories! We will book your maternity and newborn photography sessions with one of our trusted photographers. You will also receive a discount on their services. 

Non-toxic Living Consult

Your baby is coming soon so you may want to reduce the chemical products that you use in your home to optimize not only their health but yours as well! We will come into your home and assess your cleaning products, laundry products, and body products, offer cleaner and eco-friendly options for you, purchase them, and dispose of your toxic products.

Meal Prep

Having healthy meals that you can pull out of the freezer postpartum is a massive stress relief! We will prepare meals and stacks if desired based on your dietary preference for you to store in your freezer to enjoy in those early postpartum days.

Care Provider Referrals

Finding professional and skilled care providers that can optimize your health and preparation for birth and healing for postpartum can seem like an impossible task! We will connect and refer you to trusted care providers that specialize in pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborns. Care provider referrals may include chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturist, etc.)

Applying for EI

Before your baby arrives, you will want to apply for Employment Insurance with the Government of Canada so you can receive pay during your maternity leave. This process involves us guiding you to the paperwork you need to fill out and getting it to the government.

Purchasing a “Push Present”

This is for the dads! Are you wanting to purchase the mother of your child a push present but are drawing a blank on ideas? Let’s meet and discuss some sentimental options that will mean the world to her!

Miscellaneous Concierge Services

We don’t want you stressing about a thing! Whether you are looking for a doctor for your baby, childbirth classes, wanting to make a test run to the hospital so you know where you’re going, or anything in between, we will support you!

Postpartum concierge services

Postnatal Care 

The first days postpartum can be tiring. Allow us to help you at home! We will prepare you a meal/ snacks, answer any questions you may have, offer you resources or referrals you may need, or be a listening ear to validate your feelings. You are not alone!

Restocking baby or feminine products

If you need any baby items or feminine hygiene products restocked, we are happy to run to the store, pickup whatever you may need, and drop them off at your home.

Exchanging Baby Gifts

If you received a gift that doesn’t quite work for you or your little one, we will exchange it for you and find a suitable replacement that fulfills you and your baby’s needs. We will pickup the item to be exchanged and delivery the replacement to you.

Back to Work Consultation

Is it time for you to head back to work? We will help you prepare for that step. Or perhaps you are unsure if heading back to work is the right option for you – we can talk through that.

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