Mentorship for doulas

You are about to embark on an amazing journey!

So, you want to become a doula...

If you're anything like me, starting something new often brings on the butterflies in our tummies. You're probably feeling a mix of emotions too - excitement, nervousness, doubt, and maybe even overwhelmed. I get it - I've been exactly where you are. In fact, I've been exactly where you are multiple times along my doula journey. The day I got my course materials in the mail; the first time I met with a potential client; the very first birth I attended. I remember those days like they were yesterday.

I was completely alone on my journey. I didn't have anyone to turn to to ask questions, seek guidance, or support. It was a lot. 

I don't want you to go through this journey alone.

I get emails and messages weekly from women just like you who are wanting some guidance on their doula journey. I will be launching something very soon to support you on your journey, but In the meantime, download my Doula-To-Be Guide! I'm walking you through six things you need to begin your doula career with a bang!

I need this!

I need this!

The Doula-To-Be Guide

A checklist of all the things you need to start your doula journey & business off on the right foot.

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