Pregnancy related constipation

Today I’m talking about a topic that many find “icky” but let’s be honest, pregnancy related constipation is REAL and can be very bothersome!

Pregnancy related constipation is a common “symptom” that can present itself at any time during pregnancy, however, it is most commonly experienced in the first trimester. This unpleasant and often painful annoyance is thanks to the surge in hormones that occurs at the beginning of pregnancy. 💩

Thankfully, there are lots of remedies that can alleviate pregnancy induced constipation. Keep reading and learn my favourite ways to combat pregnancy constipation.

Baillie’s tips for combatting constipation…

WATER: You may think you are drinking enough, but you may not be! Increase your daily intake and see if you get some relief

MAGNESIUM CITRATE: Contact your care provider for dosage.

PRUNES: These yummy pieces of dried fruit are high in fibre which helps loosen your bowels. Aim to eat 4-5 a day, but feel free to increase if need be.

Fibre: Speaking of fibre, fruits and veggies are loaded with it! Consider switching out your dairy at a meal for an extra helping of veggies. Avoid bananas and dairy – they can make constipation worse.

EXERCISE: Exercise can help move things along in the bowel. Go for a brisk walk or do some yoga! Not only might it help relieve constipation but it will also make you feel good.

Strong Coffee: Coffee is often thought to be a no-no in pregnancy but sometimes a good cup of Joe is what you may need. Up to 200 milligrams per day is generally safe in the first trimester.

HEALTHY FATS: Avocados, coconut oil, nuts “lubricate” your bowels making stool pass through easier.

I hope these remedies are helpful if you are having trouble going to the washroom. 

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